Marjan Yazdi is an Iranian-Canadian documentary...
Marjan Yazdi is an Iranian-Canadian documentary photographer. Her work focuses on the subjects of the environment, climate change, and the impacts of human activity on the environment.

Marjan received her degree in photography at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada in 2013. Her curiosities about her motherland’s history and culture delude her to narrate her findings via storytelling. Born and raised in a historic city in Iran, she tends to delve into the numerous layers of Iranian society through her photography. In her work, she often chooses to adopt her documentation process in the realm of the fine-art movements and strives to critically examine the socio-cultural morals and nuances; whilst referencing Iranian culture.

Marjan’s passion for history and the environment draws her to the subjects where they overlap. In her recent works, she focuses on the impacts of human actions on the environment.

Marjan is a proud member of Women Photograph, Native Photo, and Diversify photo. She has been published in National Geographic, NPR, OZY, and Buzzfeed.

Marjan Yazdi

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